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Incoming Mission Reports

7 11 years ago
Mission Report Propaganda

Every now and again, we like to highlight some of the mission reports we receive from Toy Soldiers around the world, spreading propaganda and making merry with the shenanigans!

From: Sgt. Pinkerton
Message: Nexø library infiltration, 15.2.2013, Denmark, Bronholm, Nexø

I was able to infiltrate a local library and place 30 TSU bookmarks. Library was almost empty in the evening hours which was perfect opportunity to act. All bookmarks were placed to the reserved books, ready to be taken by people. All bookmarks will be distributed within a week.

Pinkerton out.



From: Rav Count Jew

I would like to report that I executed a solo invasion at RadCon 6A in Pasco, Washington. During which I was able to contact some of the remnant of Division 713 and inform them that although the division has been disbanded due to lack of activity, everyone is encouraged to sign on to the new website and join us in I.S.T.A. Myself and @blahutv0 handed out a total of 100 Manifestos and assorted propaganda while volunteering for the Convention’s security team.

Shortly after receiving the above mission report from Rav, we received another, which I doff my hat to as a marvelous use of one’s skills and perhaps a slight abuse of one’s position, but REMARKABLY sneaky.

From: Rav Count Jew

So I have perpetuated the greatest thing of my career, as a newly promoted student worker with access to the school servers, I have inserted my own little bit of propaganda into the system. Not to worry the policy is set to start on Toy Soldier Day. Every time somebody logs into a computer are the school they will get the message about the Utopian Play Land.

Truly inspiration missions from Toy Soldiers, demonstrating brilliant devotion to the Army of Toy Soldiers, as well as creative use of any resources already at their disposal. More Mission Reports to come next week!

We’d like to thank all the Toy Soldiers who continue to submit mission reports, demonstrating and informing us all that our mission of making over the world is progressing steadily. Keep up the good work! And if you have a mission report, please do send it via the Contact Us page, or if you have a lot of pictures and/or video to include, email it to


  1. Pvt. Blue

    Wow, impressive! I applaud your responsible abuse of power :)

  2. The Disgraced Dark
  3. Commander JET

    We love your reports soldiers!:D <3

  4. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    Keep up the great work soldiers!!

  5. Pvt Morglum

    fantastic work soldiers!

    sterling stuff.

  6. Captain Dermut

    Keep ’em coming, Soldiers proud,
    We’re for fun and say it loud!

    (And now you know why I never became a cheerleader.)

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