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Happy Toy Soldier Day

7 11 years ago
Toy Soldiers Unite Logo

On this day, many years ago, Toy Soldiers Unite was founded.

Originally the centre of operations for a fanbase and street team, the Army of Toy Soldiers has evolved into a movement to be reckoned with.

With propaganda, snazzy uniforms, creativity, talent and passion, we’re striving towards make a better world for all. And on this day we celebrate it more than anything, by doing the things we love most, that make us happy.

The Army has had it’s ups and downs, but if anything we’ve proven that no matter what the world throws at us, we will march on!

So, go paint, write, build, hack, make, draw, game, play, fidget, travel, sleep, love, experiment, cook, construct, create, and have fun until your heart explodes with happiness, your brain blasts of with joy, and you end up vomiting imagination upon everyone!


  1. Commander JET

    Hey ya Smitty! :D *salutes*

  2. YJ Sgt. Smitty

    I have to do a belated salute to everyone for this years Toy Soldier Day. I have been soooo busy with work and life I haven’t been able to share the love. Also….Toy Soldier Day is my anniversary as a Yellow Jacket…odd I know.

  3. Brigadier Davis

    You give me a script, I stick to it!

  4. Star-ship Admiral Jack

    Happy Toy Soldier Day every one!!
    I have made Mind Control cookies and will be passing them out today.

  5. Rav Count Jew

    Proudly we march forth to fulfill the decree set out by the Great Doctor. Together we stand to dispel the unhappiness in the world. As the steward of happiness and fun through out the globe, we will make change happen!

  6. Corporal Tink

    *grabs nerf gun and salutes*
    Happy Toy Soldier Day

  7. Commander JET

    Excellent video you guys!
    I love the way Iron says “personal greeting” LOL!
    *salutes everyone*

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