Pvt. Zeen TSOTW

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is one of latest recruits to the Army of Toy Soldiers, Private Zeen!

Pvt. Zeen only joined The Army of Toy Soldiers one month ago, but within this time he has taken our message of making Fun the top priority, and encouraging others to embrace their creativity, to heart.

Within a week of joining, he’d sent in his first mission report. And then another. And then another. And then even more! We’ve already featured them in our news feed, so go and check them out here and here. We imagine it wont be long before we’re inundated with more from him, and from others he recruits.

He has truly captured the spirit of the Army, and that is why he has been nominated by you as Toy Soldier Of The Week.

Private Zeen! We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!