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More Mission Reports from Pvt. Zeen!

8 11 years ago
Mission Report Care package III

This is one tenacious Toy Soldier who is ploughing through missions like no one’s business. Last month we highlighted several the mission reports he sent in, and we’re doing the same here.

Pvt. Zeen is also the first Toy Soldier (that we are aware of) to perform Cpt. Nurse Risa’s mission Playland In A Box.

Read his Mission Report below:


1. Care package III:
Within a small box I issued the following:

  • 2x Waffles.
  • Quartz stone.
  • Windows logo key from keyboard.
  • Rubber shuriken.
  • Soft toy turtle.
  • A fake mustache.
  • 1x Business card.

As I know very few within the college, I had a member of staff give it out for me, a member who was highly respected due to his ‘one of them’ approach.
I am confident in his perception of what manner of person I described to him, fun – creative, or one with clear potential. I will never know who received it, nor do I care as that is not the point. The point was to complete a mission to spread joy, raise the chances of fun inducement, and to hand out propaganda to give the chance of new members repeating the process!              I am getting good at this, if I may say so.

2. Ballet box:
After a number of days wondering where to put said box, a brainwave indicated that the college should do. The opinions of those enthusiast induviduals, just bursting to find themselfs though trail and error. Such ego-istic people, their opinions will be interesting.
The question was as instructed:“If there was a utopian playland, what would you want to be in it?” with the box itself being made presentable buy myself. Pictures of our face logo. Drawings of my own hand, a pen on a sting, even paper ready to be pulled off to fit perfectly within the made slot. – I’m proud of that box.
Placed within the library after a explanation as to what it is from my half, it will stand their for a week, and if I chose even longer.
I look forward to showing the results of such a question, to such a diverse section of educated misfits.

3. Flyers + 4. Strips + 5. Business marks + 6. Bookmarks.

All were of the norm, with around:
10x flyers
20x bookmarks
15x buisness cards [ no picture for that one you’ll just have to trust me ]
3x slips [ with 3 tags to each ]

Flyers were made with the back and front, like normal – while the bookmarks were double sided with the same image.
Flyers – random locations within approved (large) location – It required a bit of persuasion to allow such a thing, this will hopefully have us look good.
Bookmarks – within the college library, duh.
Buisness cards – random location with approved area, again.
Strips – approved area – still big enough to not look swamped in propaganda, don’t you worry.


Absolutely spectacular work, Pvt. Zeen. Resourcefullness and improvisation are what a Toy Soldier requires and you have demonstrated as such.

We, the Army of Toy Soldiers, salute you!


  1. Pvt. Blue

    I admire your work, soldier! You set a great example for your fellows.

  2. Jade Valor

    Zeen your are a finer soldier than i can ever hope to be. :D you are going far my friend and i hope to one day be even half as active in missions as you are now.

    [End Message]

  3. Commander JET

    Always a pleasure to read your reports Pvt.Zeen!:D

  4. Captain Helios Ruin
  5. The Disgraced Dark

    Nicely done, and well composed reports!

  6. Captain Little Boots
  7. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo
  8. Pvt Morglum

    fantastic stuff soldier! keep it up.

    funited together!

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