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Toy Soldier Of The Week: Jonny B. Goode!

6 11 years ago
Sky Marshal Jonny B. Goode YJ TSOTW

Touted as “the current equivalent* of the male version of Kato” by a fellow YJ, Sky Marshal Jonathan Baines “Jonny B.” Goode, YJ is this weeks’ Toy Soldier of the Week for keeping TSU visible and up-to-date on our very own Wikipedia page.  He continually strives to live the Toy Soldier ideal of fun, even as circumstances have been particularly difficult recently.  He regularly organizes invasions of Pasadena’s Doo Dah Parade.  He was also recently featured on the Gentlemen of Steampunk Facebook page, sporting a particularly snazzy Dr. Steel tie tack.

Jonny, for your style, creativity, and continual contributions to TSU, we thank you and salute you!



*Dr Steel pastie photo currently unavailable for comparison


  1. staton creed

    congradulations jonny… by the way is your name from the song “jonny ,b, goode ?

  2. Captain Helios Ruin
  3. Commander JET

    Congrats and…Thank you for all that you do for us Jonny B!!!:D

  4. Jade Valor

    great job Sky Marshal! and i must say you DO have class and style! you look pretty BA in that uniform :D

  5. The Sky Marshal, YJ

    Male version of Kato? That’s quite an honor!

    And no, you’ll never see me wearing Dr. Steel pasties. Sorry. Not gonna happen. Ever.

  6. The Disgraced Dark

    *of which one Kato’s or Johnny B’s?

    Also, congrats and good work!

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