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A Toy Soldier doing what they do best!

5 11 years ago
Pvt. Zeen Mission Report

When Toy Soldiers perform missions, spread propaganda, organise or attend invasions, or do something that’s generally awesome, we sometimes receive Mission Reports. Mission Reports not only allow us to promote each other, but also to point other Toy Soldiers in the right direction, gather inspiration, and see what might be going on in their area. It also gives us an idea of who might be awarded a Yellow Jacket patch at some point in the future.

Right now, we’d like to highlight some of the mission reports we’ve received from Private Zeen, a new recruit from London.

Mission report: Care package.

I have personally had a number of items along with TSU propaganda to a old friend of mine.
I have not seen him in around two years, but back then he was ( and probably still is ) an ideal soldier to have on our side; highly academical, friendly, and positive.

The package itself contained:
Semi-Boxing gloves
Brain training DS
A rubber shuriken
A District 9 badge
Men’s perfume
A clock
A Candle
A glass diamond.
TSA propaganda leaflet + bookmarksx10.

The friend never did see me, as I made sure to place the package by his door, to then hit the doorbell and run away – not sure why.
Hopefully the items will increase his joy just a bit, as well as create the chance for him to help us talk over the world!

– Pvt. Zeen

Shortly after we received this Mission Report, we were extremely pleased to receive ANOTHER mission report from Pvt. Zeen.

Today I have spread three types of propaganda though out my local library.

These consist of:
-Bookmarks x20
-Leaflets (doubled sided with front and back propaganda) x8
-“Find your Passion” poster x1

I made sure to place all bookmarks in relatable books, as well as placing leaflets in easy to see areas.
The mission went smoothly and I am sure a handful of well read individuals will look apon them to smile, and maybe join us!

– Pvt. Zeen

So, Private Zeen, we the Army of Toy Soldiers, salute your magnificent efforts and sterling work. Keep it up!

And if YOU wish to submit a mission report, head over to the Contact Us page and let us know what you’ve been upto!


  1. Flare by N-N-E

    Pvt. Zeen, I salute you.

    P.S. The library idea was especially brilliant.

  2. Jade Valor

    NICE WORK Recruit! :mrgreen:

  3. MarleyCupcake

    Excellent work Zeen! *Salutes*

  4. Commander JET

    This all makes me Giddy!! :D

  5. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    Amazing work soldiers! Keep it up.

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