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Toy Soldier Of The Week: Commander JET

14 12 years ago
Commander JET TSOTW

This weeks nominated soldier for Toy Soldier Of The Week, is none other than Commander JET.

She’s been nominated for constantly pestering Sgt. Dutch to fix stuff her amazing enthusiasm and dedication to the Army of Toy Soldiers. Were it not for Commander JET, Toy Soldiers Unite would’ve closed its doors years ago, and we can not thank her enough for preserving our digital bunker and keeping it safe for all Toy Soldiers. She is an inspiration to countless Toy Soldiers, and we appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices that she’s made for TSU.

Commander JET, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!


  1. wal mart
  2. The Sky Marshal, YJ
  3. Captain Helios Ruin

    Congratulations Commander! *salute*

  4. TheAtomicSoul

    I’m late to the party but still wanna say
    Congratulations Commander JET for getting the TSotW!
    Also thanks for all the work you put into the group! :D

  5. Tinker the YJ

    JET ROCKS!!!!11one!!11eleventyone!

  6. Commander JET

    Thank you very much everyone!:)<3

  7. Cadeon

    Jet is the embodiment of awesome, I can only hope that some day, one or two of my cells reach the incredible power level all of her’s operate on.

  8. Cosmonaut Mir

    Great work Commander!! ;) <3

  9. Pvt Morglum

    very well deserved!

    funited together.

  10. The Disgraced Dark
  11. MarleyCupcake

    Congratulations JET!!

  12. Silent Addle

    Congratulations Commander. :)

  13. Commander JET
  14. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

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