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Fun October Contests!

8 12 years ago
SLASHER Division Logo

Greetings Soldiers, Captain Mayo here on behalf of SLASHER welcoming you to October! I am running not 1 not 2 but 4 contest this month!!! All of which are open to all TSU members. Each contest will run through October and end on Halloween.

Here are the links and some info on each contest:

1 – Sfx-makeup Contest
With this contest you can use any kind of makeup you want from simple foundation to full on Tom Savini makeup. Let your imagination run wild!

2 – Essays-of-Doom Contest
Ok here we go. I want you to write the most screwed up twisted mind screwing short story you can! Go anywhere you want with this within the horror genre. This contest will have special judges the spec op WRITE.

3 – Slasher Candy Robot Contest
You must make a Robot out of nothing but candy(edible sweets). The winning creation will be voted on by all of TSU.

4 – HE’S UNDEAD JIIM! Contest
This contest is very easy, all you need to do is post a pic of yourself as a Zombie Red Shirt. The winner will be chosen by JET, Dutch, Marley and Myself. What’s the prize?…well that’s top secret! So beam down and remember, Today is a good day to die!

Have fun and good luck to all!

Captain Mayo


  1. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo


  2. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    You have until midnight tomorrow people!!!!!!

  3. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    All prizes are now posted!

  4. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    Remember all contests end on Halloween.

  5. Dr Derp
  6. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s entries. NOW GET TO IT!!!

  7. Sgt.Scratch and sniff
  8. MarleyCupcake

    Set phasers to BRAaaiIinnNnNnsSsSs!!!!

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