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Toy Soldier Of The Week: Pvt Morglum!

9 12 years ago
Private Morglum TSOTW

This weeks Toy Soldier of the Week award goes to Pvt Morglum!  His recent efforts include the invasion and requisition of the HMS Belfast, a battleship museum on the river Thames.  He has also participated in a video shoot for Professor Elemental and worked to increase activity in his divisions.  This has gained him recognition and thanks from his fellow solders.  After all, a battleship could come in handy someday!  (Swing by and pick me up next time you’re sailing through the Pacific, would ya?  I’d love to go on a tour through TSU UK territory!)

We salute you, Pvt Morglum!




  1. Dearest Maximilian
  2. Sgt.Scratch and sniff
  3. Master Sargent Qijj the Damned

    None other than the Professor eh, not to shabby mate.

  4. Lieutenant JDUK

    I’d like to congratulate you in gas mask speak….

    Fhdygdhdgs ffftggrghhdggd dhdhhgdghrgd

  5. Lt. Loz Tronic

    MORGLUM! I’m so proud. Well done xx

  6. Mr. Talaris

    Great “job” Morgium! Congratz!

  7. Alida Brocklehurst
  8. Cosmonaut Mir

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