Six Flags Invasion 2012

Greetings Programs, Captain Mayo here,

On August 18 there was the second invasion of Six Flags New England. I am here today to report what a great day it was.

In the week leading up to the invasion things were not looking good. Rain and possible thunder storms were the big worry.
Also the night before we learned that the three friends we were going to bring all had to back out last minute. So I asked my older brother to join us. When we awoke the day of the invasion it was to a thunder storm.

Those the fates did smile on us that day, for when we checked the radar the storm had already passed the park. A 100mile drive later the invasion begun. Coasters where riden and tea cups where spun. Agent Dark was as always ready on the draw with the propaganda.

Handing out business cards with stickers. Spreading the word of a Utopian Playland. The rain also helped in scaring away the large crowds keeping wait times down to no more then 20mins. The day was such a success that plans for invasion of the park is being planed for this October.

For all the pics and vids check out the thread. As always have fun, be creative, and let’s all work toward a Utopian Playland!

Also, check out this video put together of the invasion: