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Show the strength of our webcams!

Aug 24, 2012
TSU-TV Screen Test Card

The Army of Toy Soldiers is battling a nefarious fellow with no name. But this villain has dared to kidnap one of our Toy Soldiers, Apothecary Chrysalice.

Challenging us like this, this unnamed villain will not be defeated easily. Will you rise to the call? Will you help save Apothecary Chrysalice?

All it takes is 5 minutes. Record a video of yourself on a webcam, phone or camcorder. State your name and that you’re a Toy Soldier, for example “My Name is Toy Soldier Timmy, and I AM a Toy Soldier.” Upload it to Youtube, then post the link in the TSU Movie Thread.

  1. ya i know that now…kinda embarrassed relay, i was reading the posts i missed after i posted….i was wondering what i did at the time when i wrote it and watched the video….ahhh….to be able to take back words…or in this case posts lol

  2. No Jade, He is refering to Jduk, it’s just his pre-noun-ci-a-tion is a bit….. wack.

  3. if i am the Jade he is referring to i will apologize…but only for Alice’s sake! i will continue to fight the unnamed fellow

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