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The MEDIA Division and a Brand New Youtube Channel!

6 12 years ago
MEDIA Special operations division Logo

It’s not often that we announce a new division in the news feed, however this is indeed a special occassion.


Thanks to the efforts of Funnery Sergeant X-51, Lt. JDUK and many more, a new Special Operations division has been formed by the name of M.E.D.I.A. (Mass Entertainment Deployment for Innovative Action)
It’s aim is to provide brand new media (what else?) in the form of graphics and video’s, to help promote Toy Soldiers Unite, The Army Of Toy Soldiers, individual army members, artists, and of course our messages and ideology.

That’s not all. Due to the very nature of this Spec Ops, a new Youtube channel has been created together with to bring you a veritable powerhouse of awesomeness!

But wait! There’s more! Because to celebrate this new channel and new Spec Ops, we bring you TWO new videos! A invasion reported created by JDUK, and a long overdue Pinecone Broadcast presented by YJ Cae! Enjoy!

Professor Elemental Invasion 2012

 The Pinecone Broadcast #7


  1. Liska

    Due to a little trip to Germany, me and my love came to the idea of making a short-film.
    Somewhere in a natural-reserve in germany there is a abandoned coal mine, which in my though could be a good setting.
    When it is made and edited, maybe good for the channel?

  2. Funnery Sergeant X-51

    I am so excited to see this come to fruition! It is something that I have felt needed to be done for a long time, but just not sure how to bring it about. It’s amazing how quickly we have grown- I see nothing but AWESOME coming. ;)

    AND- Depending on how things go, I may relinquish my leadership to someone more deserving. I consider myself to be a “moderate beginner” in Photoshop, & realize there are many with skills much better than my own. Having said that, I am willing to do whatever it takes to propel the MEDIA Division to its full potential.


  3. Sgt. Feegle

    oooh, i think i have found my calling!

  4. KillerCapybara

    Whoop whoop! Smurfing media! Looking forward to the good stuff that comes out of it!

  5. Officer Cornelius Wimbledon Tesla Dolor

    Great job everyone! ^_^ Awesome videos!

  6. Commander JET

    Excellent Everyone! Woohoo!! :D

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