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Toy Soldier Of The Week: Funnery Sergeant X-51!

Funnery Sergeant X-51 TSOTW
  1. Congrats Vinnie/ Funnery Sergeant X-51! :D

  2. Thank you SO much for this honor! I was not really trying for this, but it makes me happy just the same. My TRUE motive behind the SUMMER of FUN is deep rooted in thankfulness. When I was dealing w/some of life’s struggles, TSU was there to help see me through these bad times. I made many friends that quickly became as family to me. Now- life has again smiled on me, and I want to use this opportunity to try to give something back to say, “THANK YOU for being there for me, & I LOVE YOU ALL!!

  3. Super Congratulations TSoTW Funnery Sergeant X-51!
    If your name gets any longer, you’re gonna need to break off and turn into two Toy Soldiers.

  4. Good work and well deserved!

  5. Congrats Funnery Sergeant! Great work! *salute*

  6. Salutes to the aptly titled Funnery Sergeant X-51. Great ideas.

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