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Toy Soldier Of The Week: Funnery Sergeant X-51!

7 12 years ago
Funnery Sergeant X-51 TSOTW


This week’s TSOTW goes to Funnery Sergeant X-51 for his Summer of FUN Contest Series here on TSU and over at our Official Toy Soldiers Unite Group on Facebook.  He’s also generously helped other divisions in getting patches made and worked to revive old Spec Ops groups.  His efforts to bring us fun and creativity (and a healthy dose of wackiness), have been truly inspiring!  We salute you!


  1. TheAtomicSoul

    Congrats Vinnie/ Funnery Sergeant X-51! :D

  2. Funnery Sergeant X-51

    Thank you SO much for this honor! I was not really trying for this, but it makes me happy just the same. My TRUE motive behind the SUMMER of FUN is deep rooted in thankfulness. When I was dealing w/some of life’s struggles, TSU was there to help see me through these bad times. I made many friends that quickly became as family to me. Now- life has again smiled on me, and I want to use this opportunity to try to give something back to say, “THANK YOU for being there for me, & I LOVE YOU ALL!!

  3. Professor Jimmy Blue

    Super Congratulations TSoTW Funnery Sergeant X-51!
    If your name gets any longer, you’re gonna need to break off and turn into two Toy Soldiers.

  4. Lillium

    Good work and well deserved!

  5. Cosmonaut Mir

    Congrats Funnery Sergeant! Great work! *salute*

  6. Sergeant Stina Xer, Erzatzologist

    Salutes to the aptly titled Funnery Sergeant X-51. Great ideas.

  7. The Disgraced Dark

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