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THIS JUST IN – Threat to TSU??

7 12 years ago
The Villain known only as Unnamed

Captain Mayo has just informed us of this Youtube video posted today:



A mysterious man has set out to destroy the fun and creativity of TSU by deploying beacons that emit anti-joy waves.  We know that the beacons are inexplicably vulnerable to Nerf darts…It’s up to us as Toy Soldiers to find these beacons and destroy them first before it’s too late!

Read more here and help us ban together and take down this threat to FUN!


  1. Odin

    Hmmmm Wonder what this villain holds in store for us. His anti fun beacons must be hidden in the most un-fun places around the world. QUICK! Scour the schools and the churches, and the workplaces of convenience store clerks everywhere. ! To the Fun cave.

  2. DetectivePiechowski

    Mother of God. I have my newest mission!

  3. Jade Valor

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! i need to get a charger for my Camera ASAP! i am not missing out on this chance to help out the TSU!

    [End Message]

  4. T.F.U. Lucas Usagi
  5. Cosmonaut Mir

    How ominously awesome! Great work, I’m excited to see the completed work. :D

  6. Count. Chacula

    Epic!!! Viva la Toy Soldiers!!!

  7. pheasant

    This makes me want to cry from the pure awesomeness it holds… Oh my, myyy !!! great job :)

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