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“Utopian Playland” by Marquis of Vaudeville – Free Download!

13 12 years ago
Marquis of Vaudeville Album Cover

T.S. Zilpher Mercurius Drax, fellow Toy Soldier and member of the band Marquis of Vaudeville, has been kind enough to provide their song “Utopian Playland” for free download EXCLUSIVELY to us here at Toy Soldiers Unite!  We also have exclusive permission to use the song as we wish to further the cause in the spirit of fun and propaganda!

Here’s a live performance of Utopian Playland at The Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas

Download Marquis Of Vaudeville – Utopian Playland

The song will be on Marquis of Vaudeville’s upcoming album The Great Promenade of Fools and Ghosts, slated for online release in October.  Until then, if any Toy Soldiers would like a physical copy of the new album, contact the band directly over at their FaceBook page.

Thank you Drax! We salute you!



  1. Colonel Moriarty

    This….this is amazing T.T

  2. Chaplain Seaseidh ID# : TS11457

    An amazing piece. I loved it so much, thousands of thank yous are to be given. ^_^

  3. Dr.Satan

    Eargasms! Great lyrics, that raw, unaltered hyperactive current is quite evident in this video, providing a glimpse into that Eutopia, in which (WE) dwell “in-between”.

  4. The Sky Marshal, YJ

    I shared this exciting news in Facebook’s “Music for Steampunks” group, so expect a bit more traffic… ;)

  5. Captain Helios Ruin

    Awesome song. Love it.

  6. Cosmonaut Mir

    Thank you! What a fantastic gesture! *salute*

  7. Keydrian


    this just made my day.

  8. Sergeant Stina Xer, Erzatzologist

    Really a generous sharing of your talents with us. Great story in the lyrics and fun music.
    Two-handed salute.

  9. The Sky Marshal, YJ
  10. Commander JET

    Thank you! This is fantastic!! :D

  11. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    *salutes* Thank you Drax

  12. Ketelsalute

    I feel so privileged.

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