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Coming Soon…. New Patches!

15 12 years ago
Toy Soldiers Unite Logo

Now that the the TSU Shop is stocked with lovely new pins and shoulder patches, why not complete your uniform with some spiffy new round patches too?

The robots have been hard at work designing a brand new round patch to adorn your uniforms, hats, bags, labcoats, dog sweaters, superhero capes, or just about anywhere else you can think to stick them!

Here’s a preview:


More details will be coming soon!


  1. Silent Addle

    Do we have any update on when these are going to be available? =)

  2. P4R4D0X

    I’m new to TSU, but I always figured that the standard patch was the round red circle with Dr. Steel’s face on it. Like this:

    Am I mistaken about this being part of the typical uniform?


    • Sgt. Dutch

      That was when Dr. Steel was still around. However he’s retired and no longer wishes to be promoted. We’re not saying ‘don’t wear the old patches’, but wearing the new ones helps us keep the website running, and thusly the ability to promote Doc’s ideologies, and Toy Soldiers own creativities and activities.

  3. Mr. J

    i hope to one day see the pins return, but with the current logo instead of course (that way the old ones will keep on being rare XD )

  4. Captain Helios Ruin

    Very cool. Can’t wait to get my hands on one…or two…or a dozen.

  5. Funnery Sergeant X-51

    aWESOME NEWS IS awesome!! :D

  6. Sergeant Grinner

    When can we expect this beautiful little accessory? We’re in for some.

  7. Sgt. Dutch

    it’d pop more as an image, but it wouldn’t look as good as when actually made as a patch.

  8. The Disgraced Dark

    What if the text was white, so it would pop more?

  9. The Disgraced Dark
  10. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    Cant wait to get till there needy!

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