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New Toy Soldier Pins in the TSU Shop

Jun 13, 2012
Toy Soldiers Unite Logo Pin

After much waiting, deliberation, contemplation, searching, and building 30 Robots with a specialized PineconeProcessorX4 to give them some imagination, Toy Soldiers Unite is finally able to add a new product to the TSU shop!

The Toy Soldier pin measures 1″ across, and his made from die struck enamel iron with a military clutch to secure the pin itself.

Wear it as part of your uniform, add it to hats, or if you’re at work, decorate your tie or work clothes with it, so you can always be proudly displaying your dedication to the cause that the Army of Toy Soldiers so fervently promotes. Having fun.

TSU-HQ only received these a day ago, and within moments of having posted it on facebook (and by moments we mean 3 minutes) we received our first orders.

So hurry while stocks lasts, as this is a brilliant addition to your uniform and your day-to-day garb, and show everyone you’re part of a movement that has raw Fun flowing through its veins!

  1. 2 pins plus the postage will cost you $15 which comes to less that 10GBP with to be honest im fairly cuffed with!

  2. Evelfa, as described on the product page, they’re 1″ across, made from die struck enamel iron. They’re marginally smaller than the old Dr. Steel ones.

    And Mr. Killjoy, unfortunately no we do not have permission to sell the old Dr. Steel pins. He no longer wishes to be promoted and so we wont be selling anything with his logo anymore.

  3. Good timing, I was just about to buy a pair of patches for my soon-to-be uniform.

  4. Those are wonderful. If only I could buy them, but, you know how PayPal do not work at some countries. Such as mine. Darn!
    But I’m happy for peeps who can buy these for themselves :) lucky guys.

    I’m interested does TSU have a right to do pins with dr.Steels mascot?

  5. Evelfa said on 13/06/2012

    Are these more or less the same as the old Dr Steel pins? Size, material and? Also what is a “military clutch”? is that the same as the old Dr Steel ones too?

  6. You can just use google to check exchange rates, currently it stands at $5=3.98 Euros. Postage and packaging is an additional $5, (never more, no matter how many you order in one go, or where in the world you are.) This is explained on the shop page.

  7. These are awesome. I’ll have to get some money together.

  8. Darn, I meant to say “It is Fair”. (reread your post after rewriting them, Dermut you silly boy)

  9. OK, 5 dollars, that’s not fair, but how does this translate to Euro’s (or pounds for that matter)? Is it on a one to 1 basis? Is Postage and Packaging included? world wide?

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