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We want YOU to write for TSU

3 12 years ago
toy soldiers news logo

As many of you are aware, we have a lovely new site with a lovely new news feed at on the front page. But perhaps it’s a little…. under-utilized?

So, to better to help others get to grips with what the Army of Toy Soldiers is about, where we’ve come from, some of the ideals we hold close to our hearts, the things we do, and the possibilities of the future, we are looking for budding writers amongst the army to present their chosen articles to the world.

You’ll need a good grasp (not vice like) of the English language, and be familiar with the Army’s history, so don’t be afraid to go through the website, or ask Administrators, Moderators, or other soldiers for info.

Articles can be on a range of things, examples include the History of Dr. Steel, the Singularity, Robots, future tech, reality engineering, NERF gun reviews, or even syndicated articles that are relevant to TSU (this means using a recent article you’ve read, writing your take on it, and then providing links to the original article, I wholeheartedly recommened Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Io9 for this, but please do not flat out plagiarise).
Try to keep articles between 750 and 1000 words, and include as many links as possible.

Politics, drugs, illegal matters and religion are excluded from subject matter as normal, as we’d like to keep things as positive as possible.

You can submit articles to and attach any images or links. In fact, images are a must. If you have any formatting request, please do include them as well.

Commander JET and myself will be the editor in chiefs so to speak, with Marley Cupcake at hand (as she did articles for the previous website). However when an article DOES go up, it’ll be your profile on the byline, not ours.

If you’ve got range of articles, please focus on just one, as we’re sure that there’ll be cross overs of subjects.

So, get pen to paper and finger to keyboard! If you’ve got any questions, or need suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask!


  1. ComradeCog

    Not as active as I’d like to be; if you want articles pertaining to the thoughts on the philosophy and the creative/active process, I’d be happy to oblige, as always. I miss the newsletter, but had a hard time keeping myself into it; it was a lot of work, and I’ve learned a lot about trying to run such things. :)

  2. mr. Killjoy

    Oh, how I’d love to help. But they say I have troubles with a/the using. Sorry :(

  3. Cosmonaut Mir

    What a fantastic idea!

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