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Toy Soldier of the Week: Nurse Chizel!

8 12 years ago


This weeks Toy Soldier of the week is Nurse Chizel! She recently helped with the Gaslight Gathering in San Diego! Helping recruit and being an all around awesome Toy Soldier! *Salutes* to you Nurse Chizel we thank you for your support!


  1. The Sky Marshal, YJ

    PS I still have the Marshmallow Cone ;)

  2. The Sky Marshal, YJ

    Hooray! I gotta say, I am proud to serve with such an elite group as are in the 1123rd. You guys made it a lot easier when I was running things and you still make it easy on the current division leaders, so you deserve the praise. Also, you’re just cool people. :)

  3. Nurse Chizel

    Oh woah, rad :D Tankoo to every other Soldier, Scout, Nurse, etc. out there, without you guys I would have nothing to recruit people to!! *Salutes*

  4. Pvt Morglum
  5. The Disgraced Dark

    Congrats and good work!

  6. Professor Jimmy Blue

    Super Duper Uber Goober Congratulations Nurse Chizel… Maybe now, they will finally let you use the non-safety scissors!

  7. techiefIve

    Congratulations Nurse Chizel!

  8. Osiris Bane

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