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The Pinecone Broadcast #2

6 12 years ago
TSU-TV Screen Test Card

The Pinecone Broadcast #2 with a very special announcement for the Army of Toy Soldiers.


  1. Captain Yellow Jacket Mayo

    Thanks for the help with the TSU movie.

  2. Misfit TS Ilia

    Sgt. Dutch has a great accent. :)

  3. Funnery Sergeant X-51

    Awesome Broadcast, and is exciting news to see the return of the Yellow Jacket awards!! It is something I have strived to achieve, since my very FIRST day as as Soldier! Maybe now, my dream is NOT too far out of reach? We will see!

    FUN & Cookies!!

  4. Cosmonaut Mir

    Awesome broadcast Dutch!

  5. Cheshire Cat

    Not going to say enough to ruin the special announcement, but I’m so glad Toy Soldiers mentioned were… well… mentioned. O.O

  6. Grub

    This broadcast has hit on a few things that I’ve always been promoting is the equality of fun. Most see the following of Mr. Steel a cult following with blind incite, but at the end of the day we all push nothing but BEING YOURSELF, and having fun! I miss the man just as much as anyone else here who still follows. He may be gone but his message will never be forgotten. Keep the positive message going as best you can, nothing but us is left.

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