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Toy Soldier of the Week: T.F.U. Lucas Usagi!

3 12 years ago
Lucas Usagi

This weeks Toy Soldier of the week is T.F.U. Lucas Usagi! He has spend a lot of time this year making wonderful remixes of Dr.Steel songs and most recently he has created a wonderful, inspiring and most of all memory stirring Tribute album to Dr. Steel “Sol Detector”. We have many of his creative works in our Audio Propaganda Page right now for you to enjoy! Thank you for sharing your creativity and inspiration with us all Lucas! :D


  1. T.F.U. Lucas Usagi

    :P thanks everyone that voted. i almost didn’t believe it when Loony told me. I was like “wait what? TSotW, what did I do?” hahaha I’ve been slacking in TSU stuff as of late. Hope to have some new creations to share with everyone in the coming months :)

  2. J.F.C. Broken Loony

    Congrats, Honey Bunny!

  3. KillerCapybara

    Thank you! Thank you all for voting me Toy Soldier of the- wait… I lost again! How does this keep happening! Jk jk. Glad to see you won! I remember competing for the one physical copy you were giving away… I still think Dot Selector was a better title… But good work, Keep doing what you do, Imma go do something amazing for the army to be voted TSoTW.

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