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Yes, Toy Soldier day is finally upon us!

The day we celebrate the creation of Toy Soldiers Unite, and take a break from spreading the message of making fun the top priority and just have fun altogether.

Invasions are about to commence for Disneyland, Disney World and London. And don’t worry if you can’t make it to an invasion or get with other Toy Soldiers, because let’s face it, we’re pretty spread out around the place.

Toy Soldier Day is about having fun, doing what you’re best at, being happy and being creative. Manifest your own reality by taking a more optimistic view of the world and concentrating on what makes you happy.

Spend time with your friends, go paintballing or playing with NERF guns, make a painting, build a machine, fix up your car yourself, learn a new skill, or maybe even a new language, build a website, form a club, have a barbecue, read a book, play some tunes, have a movie marathon, volunteer at a charity, bake cookies….. let me repeat myself for that one.


Of course, if you DO want to spread propaganda as well, by all means. If you’re going down to volunteer for something, maybe do it in uniform.

Here at TSU HQ, we’re hoping to receive plenty of mission reports, photo’s, video’s and messages of everything you get up to, and we promise to share the best stories with you all!