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Seaside Shenanigans

3 12 years ago
Brighton Invasion 2012

Mission Report from Private Morglum


“On the afternoon of the 18th February soldiers from around the country gathered in the Victoria pub on Brighton Pier for one reason! Invasion and fun, okay two reasons. And drink…three reasons.

Despite the harsh wintery conditions the soldiers proceeded along the pier to spread fun and mischief to the citizens of Brighton. Arcades games were mastered by Grimm, all food was consumed by Blades and the rain was kept at bay by myself, until it started to rain. Which had nothing to do with Morglum calling for three cheers to celebrate the fact that it wasn’t raining. Anyway, once the heavens opened there was but one course of action, to the rides! the ghost house was particularly …erm… interesting, while the waltzers were amazingly …erm… spinny. No soldier was overcome with the desire to spread chunks, but some came close…ie…Morglum.

A competition was active during the day which included a Brian Blessed impersonation, dramatic pose and a 10 second talent contest. the overall winner was Lt Grimm who was awarded a clockwork tin toy soldier whom she will now have to name. It was also Lt Grimms birthday which was toasted later in the pub with happy birthday sung in English, Welsh and Spanish! Wowza!

Highlights of the day were, Morglum almost poking CBM’s eye out with his Flag, almost losing his hat over the pier but it was saved by a diving catch by JDUK (dramatised for effect ) and watching Jack of Blades impersonation of a Koala Bear by eating his own body weight in snacks. Prop was distributed across the coast and more then one person said “How great our outfits were”. Also they managed to meet up with a long lost soldier who on hearing that the army was still going resolved to re-enlist into the collective. A smashing invasion which would only of been improved by the sun turning up.”


  1. Sir Jack of Blades
  2. Montee

    Well Done all you guys. Not sure who has the best legs, Morglum or CBM? There’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!!!!

  3. theMADone

    Yaaaaay :D It was an amazing day :) thanks to all those who were there that made the day even more epic XD

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