3D printed Toy Soldier

Build The Robots. It’s something we’ve been saying for years since Dr. Steel released that song. Robots to help take over the world and create a Utopian Playland.

Time has now come for us to manifest our dreams into a reality. Or should we say, PRINT our dreams into reality? Thanks to TheAtomicSoul we now have both Toy Soldiers and Robots that can be printed on a 3D Printer.








The 3D designs for the Robot and Toy Soldier are freely available on the Thingiverse website, which hosts hundreds of thousands of downloadable and printable items.

It wasn’t long before the first Toy Soldier was printed off by Dark with the help of his friend ER3 Designs, and showed it to the rest of us.

Already adjustments are being made to the models to increase details on the final print. We’re eagerly awaiting for a completed Robot to be constructed.

There are also suggestions being flown about of expanding the merchandise at the Toy Soldier shop.

Great thanks to TheAtomicSoul and Dark for their brilliant work. Follow developments of 3D printed objects in the thread here.

And if you want to find out more about 3D printing check out The RepRap Project