Sean The Kraken Hentai Meme

This weeks Toy Solder of the Week is Sean The Kraken.

The reason for his nomination is dubious and infamous, for it was during an outing of the RAVE division to the Anti-Christ club (a well known club in London) that Sean allowed himself to be subjugated to some impressive whipping, cheered on by his comrades.

Though photos and videos are not permitted at the club, we are told that instead of cowering, Sean held strong to his courage, and in fact shouted to the one whipping (TS Libra) “Come on! Harder!”

An innocent bystander (Also known as Brigadier Davies) was quoted as saying “Bwahahahahahaha!” and later when elaborating upon the night “He stood there and took it like a man…. or a large mythical sea serpent.”

Kraken, we salute you!