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TSU Shop now open! Patches Available!

4 12 years ago
Toy Soldier Shoulder Patches


After a longer wait than we had wished for, the Toy Soldier shoulder patches are back in stock! We heard your demand for them, and here they are.

As you can see, they’ve had a slight change in design, but nothing significant, and we’ve hopefully made sure they are as high a quality as the ones World Domination Toys used to sell.

When you buy patches, you’re not only getting something that’ll look awesome on your jacket, shirt, bag, or where ever, but you’re also helping us keep the website running and pay the server. No one makes a profit on this.

We’ve ordered in 50 pairs of patches, and before we sell out, we’ll order more! Of course, if we do sell out, we’ll be getting more merchandise to add to the shop.
Depending on where you live, you’re order will either be dispatched from the US or from the UK. This way, we’re hoping to keep the price down for postage, and the delivery time short.

All orders from this weekend will be sent out first thing Monday morning, and if we think we’re going to run out, we’ll give you fair warning.


  1. k'un fu sed

    i look forward to adding that patch to my jacket.

  2. Corporal Revosolutiion

    how do i get ahold of one of these uniforms then ? : ] or must a make my own and order the patches ?

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Uniforms are made by the toy soldiers themselves. In fact, there’s nothing uniform about them. This way you can just as easily turn a business suit or a bathrobe into a uniform!

  3. Commander Radar

    I believe I speak for all of us when I say…. “SWING!!!”. Can’t wait to order. :D

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