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New site features!

5 13 years ago
Toy Soldiers Unite Site Banner

Hi everyone.

With the new site comes new features for TSU, so this post will explain what’s new, what’s staying, and what’s going.

– Event System: The event system is only accessible to registered toy soldiers and you need to be logged in to view it. If there is an invasion set for a certain date and certain place, go into your profile and create it if you’re the organizer. It comes with a handy dandy map feature which’ll help direct people to the invasion. Events are moderated, but unless it’s goes against TSU principles, it’ll be approved within a few hours.

– User profiles: You can update your own status, like on facebook. Mention people by putting an @ in front of their username, which will notify them next time they log on. You can also upload more images to your profile now. Please keep them PG-13, thanks.

– Forums: The forum system has changed. We’re really sorry, but we can’t import from the old forums, they’re just not compatible. However, you can now embed youtube videos inside a post if you wish! Also, posts made by you will show up in your activity feed.

What’s staying or changing:
– Divisions: The previous division system was custom coded, and incompatible with the new system. As with the forums, we can’t import them, so division leaders are requested to restart their divisions if they so wish. All divisions (local, special interest, special operations) are at the same level and in the same list. Only administrators can create divisions (for the time being, known as groups), however the same formating applies. Local divisions start with a # and number, and spec. interest and spec. ops. use their abbreviations in capitals. Division leaders are requested to use the Contact Us page to request for their division to be brought over.

– Propaganda pages: The Audio propaganda page has been refreshed, we’re focusing Toy Soldier content here now. The Video page is linked to TSU’s youtube channel. If you load a toy soldier video up to youtube, let us know. We’ll favourite it, and it’ll turn up on the Video Propaganda page. Mission pages are updated (though we could do with some fancy graphics or banners for them).

– Gallery: The Toy Soldier gallery remains, and we’ll update it whenever we spot new photo’s from invasions or missions performed by you. Don’t be shy, send in your photo’s.

– Toy Soldier of the Week: TSOTW will no longer automatically turn up on someones profile. However, a news article will appear on the front page featuring the soldier (or even division) with the greatest amount of votes. TSOTW should be nominated for something they have performed RECENTLY (within a given month).

Whats going:
– Regiments: For the time being, there’s no page to feature regiments (TS, Nurse, Scout, YJ’s). However, we are planning for the future here, and once we have bent the internet to our will, they’ll be revived. You can still call yourself a TS, nurse or scout. YJ’s can keep their titles, we’ll create a static page featuring you at a later date.

– Toy Soldier Numbers: Unfortunately, we cannot duplicate the TS number assignment system. The old website and profiles will remain up for a while longer, so copy and paste your number into your profile. There wont be any new numbers assigned on this website.

– Dr. Steel: The creator and inspiration of our movement is NOT forgotten, nor will he ever be. However, it has become clear that he no longer wishes to be promoted, or to be a part of the Army. We will retain a page with links, photo’s, and biography, but that is all. The last thing we were told by his former member of staff, is that “The Army is now purely for Toy Soldiers.” So please, let’s leave the man be, and get on with our own mission. TSU does not require a similar figurehead or leader. We’ve managed pretty well for the past year without his guidance, we can continue to do so.


– The Toy Soldier Shop: It’s coming back! Yellow Toy Soldier shoulder/side arm patches will be in stock VERY soon. We’re also looking for other new merchandise to help you have fun.

If you need any help, please, log in to the livechat as there are always soldiers there to help. If it’s gone quiet in there (which happens from time to time), please use the contact form and the admins will get back to you ASAP. Thank you.


  1. Evelfa

    I don’t that the TSOW won’t be on peoples profiles anymore

  2. Captain Roberta

    I am so excited for the shop coming back. I love stuff and require more of it.

  3. Sgt. Scary Scott

    Well I am doing all I can on my end to get my full division onto the new site.
    So excited about all these new features I just don’t know what to do!

  4. Professor Falconer

    I’m so excited for all of this that I just might burst with excitement!

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