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RAVE Invasion: A Success!

1 13 years ago
RAVE Invasion 2011

London’s a hive of activity these days, and RAVE division chose it’s target carefully. The Antichrist Club with a live industrial band and belly dancers with swords as the nights entertainment.

They prepped themselves by having a few pre-invasion drinks at a pub (this is common protocol for most British invasions) where they were received with a warm welcome of questions about their uniforms and the army of toy soldiers.

After which, lead by TS Libra, the division made their way to the club where a good deal of entertainment was enjoyed by all, including drinks, tricks, improvisation and a whole lot of brainwashing of the club patrons.

What’s truly amazing that despite a few soldiers having to depart due to work obligations (yeah, those drinks don’t come free), many were still partying into the late morning.

As we understand, the toy soldiers RAVE division left their mark on the club, and on the people attending, and we hope to see many new recruits sign up thanks to their efforts.


  1. Evelfa

    So who else attended?

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