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The People are Hungary for Change

0 13 years ago
Sgt. Grinner

On August 28, 2011, Toy Soldiers Unite held its first Hungarian invasion, and it was a complete success, tripling active membership in the region. The invasion was hosted at HoldfényCon, meaning MoonlightCon, one of the largest science fiction, comic, and gamer gatherings in the nation, and Toy Soldiers were equipped with all of the classic mind control goodies, cookies included.

Led by Sgt. Mjr. Evelius, the soldiers of Division #1115 Hungarian Central Headquarters worked around a tight budget to spread the word of fun and playtime throughout the faire, even showing a 30 minute collaboration of Toy Soldier videos that the Sergeant happily translated for the crowd. We’re talking international infiltration here!

The soldiers were notable enough that a local sci-fi magazine took the liberty of writing up a bit on the “strange lads and gals and their weird presentation.” A glorious gathering indeed! Fantastic events like these show the true reach of what it means to be a Toy Soldier. It is not about where we come from or what language we speak. It is about the pure, nationality-free idea of fun.

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