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Disney World II: Mad Man’s Chest

0 13 years ago

For the second year, Toy Soldiers gathered in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL, for the celebration of Toy Soldier Day. Spanning from Friday, March 4 through Monday March 7, Disney World II: Mad Man’s Chest has been official declared the longest invasion in Toy Soldier history. Soldiers from both sides of the United States, and even one from England, spent their four days of celebration in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and the Magic Kingdom, embodying the true spirit of Steel in fun for the sake of fun.

Everywhere they went the Toy Soldiers were catching peoples’ eyes. From park guests to cast members, and even some of the characters, people couldn’t help but inquire as to who they were and what they did. Soldiers like Rev. Geoff Nicholson represented the Doctor and his Army with pride, doling out website addresses and bits of propaganda; but this was only upon request, of course. It is not in proper soldier etiquette to pass out or post prop in theme parks.

Throughout the trip the giddy group was invited to pose for pictures and participate in performances, ranging from the Magic Kingdom’s Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party to the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.

The soldiers of this invasion really demonstrated incredible kindness. Cadeon, AmyLou, and Dahlia were generous enough to house several soldiers in their homes during the extended days of the invasion while General Idea, Prof. Magnus, Program B, and Aniya volunteered to drive soldiers as needed. Delicious Pineapple glamorously conducted her classic narrations of the event on camera for the invasion video, as well as put together commemorative pins for late but beloved soldier Col Necro. Post invasions, soldiers report new friendships, fabulous memories, and even personal growth for a few who faced their fears of certain rides for the sake of participating with their fellow attendees.

There is tremendous excitement already for next year’s invasion, a four-day spectacular that anticipates an even greater draw of soldiers. As per tradition, Captain Nurse Risa made a video featuring some of the highlights of the invasion for your viewing pleasure, full of laughter and general zaniness.