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HEARTS for Hearts

0 13 years ago

Second Annual “HEARTS for Hearts” a Success

On February 19, 2011, Toy Soldiers of the special operations division HEARTS spread health-themed Dr. Steel propaganda throughout the land, from the U.S. to the UK! Some soldiers targeted eateries while others went for active wear and vitamin stores. Even beauty shops were more than happy to hang the healthy HEARTS handouts!

HEARTS for Hearts has become an annual tradition for the special op, always in February to emphasize the American Heart Association’s National Heart Month, promoting a cardio-healthy lifestyle. After all, a healthy soldier is a happy soldier!

In addition to classic flyers and bookmarks, soldiers dispersed handouts of the food pyramid reincarnated in appropriately proportioned Dr. Steel robots. The healthy handouts were hung in store windows, coffee house bulletin boards, and even employee lounges, as well as handed off to happy civilians to take home. The soldiers of HEARTS continue to work toward healthy eating and recreations for the Utopian Playland and encourage you to be physically active and eat healthy!