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TSU at FSU: Homecoming

0 14 years ago

This November, Toy Soldiers Unite was granted official Recognized Student Organization status at Florida State University, entitling members of the organization to a plethora of privileges and propaganda potential. Taking advantage of this new outlet, the Seminole Soldiers decided to partake in the school’s homecoming activities. Video of the event viewable here!

On November 5, 2010, soldiers of the organization, representing Division #2358 The Red Tide and accompanied by Ugly, walked in the televised FSU Homecoming Parade. Lt. Quilkinous Thoughtbubble marched in her usual jumping stilts while several other soldiers, including Just Li Fighting for the Cause and Duke Dhominho, partook in fireless poi (fire being prohibited from the parade). Nurses Hadji de Demon and Captain Nurse Risa passed out candy, stickers, fun cards, bookmarks, and manifestos to the eager crowd, a good mix of children, adults, and college students. When the soldiers crossed the exhibition mark, the announcer told the crowd of Toy Soldiers Unite and Dr. Steel as the soldiers held their banner and flag high, smiling bright all the way. After the parade was over, the group migrated to a local restaurant for a scrumptious dinner of crepes before heading home to rest.

On November 6, 2010, the homecoming festivities resumed with the university’s football game against the University of North Carolina. Soldiers brought a poster with logos and websites to hold up in the crowd, but it was confiscated upon entry. (Signs are unfortunately not allowed to be caught on camera, and the game was televised.) However, Captain Powerthirst took the initiative to arrive a few hours early to collect donations on behalf of Toy Soldiers Unite for their annual Toy Soldiers Unite to Light the Night event fast approaching. His efforts brought in over $100 in donations while spreading the word of Steel to tailgaters and football fans. Faces painted and snacks stashed, the soldiers enjoyed expressing their school spirit in modified uniform, introducing Ugly to crowd members as a means to mention Dr. Steel. The day ended with a lot of silliness and vegetation on couches, as it had been an exhausting but enjoyable event.

Toy Soldiers Unite at Florida State University is ecstatic about all of the potential possibilities for the future now that they have access to everything from televised forms of propaganda to utilizing campus facilities for events. If you happen to drive through Tallahassee, FL, be sure to stop and visit the TSU at FSU!