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Pandemia II: A Playland With Zombies

0 13 years ago

Everyone loves a good game of pretend now and then, but hardcore LARPers take it to another level. LARP, or Live Action Role-Play, is similar to text-based role-playing games, except that the actions of the characters are physically acted out in the real world.

In Switzerland this past September, Toy Soldiers of Division #1291 S.W.I.S.S. united amongst one hundred players to stop some terrifying Swiss zombies in an invasion called Pandemia II. Working with the Foam Defense Core and Division #131313 the Paranormal Anomaly Containment Korps, Briscard Arphyss led a determined team to defend humanity with Nerf guns, electric guitars, and giant candy bars.

They also took advantage of the opportunity to spread propaganda to both humans and zombies alike, as the Utopian Playland doesn’t discriminate based on medical condition or pulse. The invasion has proved successful, resulting in several new recruits and much fun. Though none of the Toy Soldiers survived the zombie infection, those who still had arms left still saluting Dr. Steel.