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FLAGS: Flying High

0 13 years ago

On October 17, Toy Soldiers all over the world, from Florida, to California, to Chile, united with their local divisions to participate in the first ever FLAGS event, or Fun Lunch and Games for Soldiers.
Created through a cooperative effort between special ops divisions HEARTS and SPORTS, FLAGS was designed to encourage soldiers to be healthier through fun physical activities and healthy foods. Each participant brought a healthy dish to share with his fellow soldier, such as strawberries, Cheerios, and salad. The soldiers then partook in a variety of physical activities, including kiting, four square, kickball, and capture the flag.

In one location, soldiers coated a sidewalk in chalk drawings while, in another location, soldiers through Frisbees-o-fun! In yet another location, soldiers got to play some wicked laser tag. We even had two soldiers that chose to play in jumping stilts! Unfortunately, the location in New Mexico accidentally stayed up late playing board games and missed the event, but they had their own fun and healthy festivities.

At the end of the day FLAGS proved that people can have tons of fun while still being healthy, a concept that HEARTS and SPORTS seek to maintain for the Utopian Playland. After the fantastic time experienced by so many this October, FLAGS is sure to become an annual event of Steelian celebration.