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SDCC Success

0 14 years ago

The San Diego Comic Con is one of the most well known geeky gatherings in the world with folks attending from far and wide. So of course Toy Soldiers Unite had a booth! The event ran from July 21 through July 24, showcasing classics and coming attractions alike with celebrities and simple citizens celebrating side by side. Our Toy Soldier booth was headed up by nurse Caecilia Kolibri who put our new outlook to work in her recruitment. Spreading the good word of smiles and playtime, she recruited and brainwashed just as many new folks as ever, embracing diversity and welcoming all, as we always do. Her and fellow soldiers dispersed propaganda and mind-control bubbles (the best kind of bubbles!) to the wanting public, merrily making known the name of TSU.

But this is not to say that the event was all rainbows and bunnies. Alas, those bunnies have a short shelf life. (Especially when you forget to poke air holes in the containers. Woopse.) On the final day of the event, Cae broke the news to the other attending soldiers about our dear Doctor’s departure, to which she was met with extremely mixed responses. Sad to say, some soldiers simply resigned and departed at the news that the figurehead we’ve known and loved is gone. However, other soldiers stood strong and shined on, remembering that we are here not to worship but to work, resolved to carry on our cause for a Utopian Playland, a place of fun, peace, innovation, creativity, and of course a lifetime supply of cookies. Boasting bottles of bubbly schwag, the soldiers continued to spread their peppy propaganda until the very end of the costumed convention. There is no doubt that the tabling was a success, especially after having received two invitations to table at other conventions. To quote the event leader herself, “We are the Army of Toy Soldiers, and we WILL make-over the world with smiles!”