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Steampunk World’s Faire

0 14 years ago

Managing to avoid the dangerous paradoxes often associated with time travel, a legion of Toy Soldiers made temporal history with their successful invasion of the Steampunk World’s Faire! Their adventure occured from May 14th through the 16th in eighteen hundred and…well, the rest is anyone’s guess! We are just happy that they made the journey here and back, or back and here, or then and now, or however that works, and kept us on course for the construction of a Utopian Playland!

The total number of Soldiers in attendance at any given time is not known, though there were rumors that at least three Sgt. Mustache’s were present at one point (possibly all at the same time!), and at least one of them won second prize in the ENSMB hats competition! Sgt. Sheehan reportedly claimed top honors (a waffle iron, and a pocket watch) as the fastest draw in The Gentleman’s Duel, and Sgt. Fishbone jammed with musical marauders throughout the Faire!

Printed propaganda as well as mind-control cookies, brownies, and other oven fresh delights flowed freely throughout the Faire as Toy Soldiers, Scouts, and Nurses plied their trades for the masses. Plenty of freely exchanged salutes and smiles served as icing on the invasion cake! Should the buttefly effect hold true, our Steel-inspired ranks should have grown at least tenfold upon their return to the present!