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Supanova Brisbane

0 14 years ago

With the combined forces of Division 1313, Division 1824, and cover fire provided by the TTSS, Australian Toy Soldiers stormed the Supanova Pop Culture Expo in Brisbane April 9-11!

This second annual infiltration of the convention was swift, and Toy Soldiers were able to secure and maintain on-site headquarters for the duration of the event! HQ served as an important rendeavous point and propaganda storage depot, providing a stock point for brainwashing devices including hundreds of propaganda DVDs, badges, lollipops, fliers, manifestos, and temporary (on the skin, but permanent in the mind) Steelian tattoos! Many con-goers seemed perplexed over the fact that this bounty was being offered absolutely free, but were quick to warm to the idea and seek further information about our Grand Army and Future World Emperor.

Toy Soldiers hit the con floor running for three days straight, blanketing the masses with propaganda, forming alliances with other groups and organizations attending the con, playing the propaganda DVD at HQ, spreading good-humored fun and friendliness, and often being followed by the unblinking eyes of cameras. At one point, a small group of film students who were documenting the convention filmed and interviewed Cpl. Madaz Morgan and Comrade Nog. Many props, plugs, and information about Dr. Steel and TSU were included! The documentary will reportedly be aired on community access television sometime in the second half of 2010, so stay tuned for further updates!