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Ravencon 2010

0 14 years ago

Following the precedent set at Ravencon 2009, Division 9001 bolstered its invasion force with Soldiers of Division 669 to storm Ravencon 2010 on April 10th in Richmond, Virginia!

The invasion started when the convention doors opened and lasted into the wee hours of the following morning! Propaganda DVDs, stickers, and manifestos flowed freely! There was much recognition of the Good Doctor by many of the convention goers, which included Klingons, steampunks, ghost hunters, wizards, pirates, and a wiley one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple, people eater (fortunately for us Soldier Cyrex seemed to have a communication breakthrough with the beast, and it was decisively found to be on the side of fun and not in league with the Annunaki)!

Toy Soldiers participated in numerous panels throughout the day, which ranged in topic from the metaphorical workings of the human brain to the history of B movies to the evolution of vampires! Meandering through Guest Alley and the Dealer’s Room to make sure that propaganda coverage remained constant and engaging in several silly outbursts of their own permeated the remainder of the time. At one point, probably in a state of mind-clouding hunger just prior to a food break, several Soldiers tested Doc Brown’s method of time travel. Unfortunately, this experiment was a failure, though not an unexpected one considering the lack of a flux capacitor, a DeLorean, and the inability of the Soldiers to accelerate a shopping cart up to 88 miles per hour. Maybe next time!