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Operation Bowl

0 14 years ago

On April 3rd, Soldiers of the 242 subdivision Three Mile Island Guild successfully completed their first tactical play time event at Colony Park Lanes North!

Staging for this event began at 1900 at the Round the Clock Diner prior to infiltrating the bowling alley for a night of fun, friendship, and propaganda! Bowling and brainwashing skills were tested all evening as Islanders mowed down pins like they were ray-gun toting Illuminati! They even took advantage of the large over-alley display screens by holding staff hostage with robots and using the screens to scroll Dr. Steel’s website!

Soldiers reported getting a few funny looks, but a whole lot more smiles from other bowlers. Soldiers who made it out for the evening noted that their fun was quite infectious, both among the Soldiers as well as bowling alley staff and customers. This event is expected to merely be the first of many to come as it was quickly identified as a great way to build friendships within the division while showing the world that this Army knows how to have a good time!

…did I mention that Beaker took on Superman, and WON?