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Kawaii Kon 2010

0 14 years ago

From April 16 through 18, Division 501 surfaced from their secret undergound island base to invade Kawaii Kon 2010 in Hawaii!

After grounding all aircraft and spacecraft with newly developed mind-control tractor beams, and blocking all ports with robots (to prevent any inadvertent escape from the convention…and the island), Toy Soldiers dipped into their bag of tricks and employed a combination of brainwashing tactics! Using cosplay antics, snazzy Steelian uniforms, mind-control ribbons, and a prototype Steel Cube they attracted the full attention of con goers prior to brainwashing them. The Steel Cube was reportedly their most effective tool towards this end, being as eye-catching as its Companion Cube predecessor, but enhanced with the cranium penetrating power of Steel! The cube also served as a homing device for plain-clothed Soldiers attending the convention and appeared to have a knack for attracting photo ops!