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TS Day in the UK

0 14 years ago

Toy Soldier Day was certainly a busy one in the UK! Toy Soldiers all across the countryside celebrated the event in a variety of ways; from participating in invasions to simply keeping the Steelian spirit alive in their own pineal glands!

TSU Brighton commemorated the day with the Brighton Invasion. Seven Soldiers struck out on this invasion, instigating pillow fights, spreading propaganda stickers, and having fun! By day’s end the invasion force was up to nine, having acquired two new recruits who joined them for the day’s antics!

The Leicester Clocktower Division celebrated the event by covering their local Hollywood Bowl with propaganda and good-humored fun!

The Clockwork Zombies completed one of their two planned invasions of Goth Club nights in London. Specialized goth-themed propaganda was designed, produced, and successfully distrubuted throughout the candle-lit venue as Soldiers caught up with old friends and brainwashed new ones!

Even solo Soldiers seized the day! Brigadier Davis set up a Toy Soldier recruiting stand on his campus and alternated broadcasts of “Building a Utopian Playland” and “The Dr. Steel Show: Episodes 1, 2, and 3! He then managed to hijack the college PA system and played Dr. Steel’s “Greedy” and “Back and Forth” before wrapping up the evening with propaganda distribution in a local pub.

Lieutenant Francesca Grimm and Monte took to the streets of Reading Town Centre with laser-eyed Steel posters, tying up wooden propaganda placards in bus stops and at busy pedestrian crossings.

Sgt. Troy Soldier and Mike Bell spiffed up their uniforms and spent the day in Cheltenham “accosting karate-wielding ladies”…and lived to tell about it!

Luca Arsenik marked the day by designing her uniform, and Zamuel DesMortain reportedly doubled his own happiness by humming Steelian tunes!