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Operation Wicked Domination II

0 14 years ago

On February 20th, a daring group of Soldiers and Nurses left their sanity at home as they ventured down the rabbit hole to partake in this The Mad Tea Party!

DJ Kiltboy masterminded the madness, utilizing audio propaganda between various performance acts and adding Steel to his Saturday night club set! He also transformed his own promotion table into an on-site Toy Soldier headquarters and Alien Illuminati-free zone. From HQ, Soldiers fanned out into the crowds, dressed to Steel and armed with propaganda, to do what we do best; BRAINWASH!

There were reportedly very few tea party patrons who did not recognize the Good Doctor, and even fewer that were not intrigued and amenable to his vision for a Utopian Playland. This lead to propaganda flowing quite freely and in large sums very quickly. Not a scrap was said to remain by the event’s end, and those who had a hand in its distribution considered their work a smashing success!