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Katsucon 16 Invasion

0 14 years ago

Katsucon 16 had tenacious Toy Soldiers from the 9001st in its midst for the duration of the convention (February 12-14)! Toy Soldiers marched tirelessly amongst the ranks of convention goers, distributing many-a leaflets and word of the Good Doctor’s plans for a world makeover!

Mad Xander used his booth in the Dealer Room to display Steelian posters and pervade the atmosphere with Steelian tunes while Eminent Amusement and Private Dex utilized a candy-laced mobile propaganda station to lure convention patrons into the embrace of Steel! Meanwhile, multitudes of other 9000WIN personnel hit the floors of the convention, uniforms primmed and polished, propaganda in hand, and with fun to share with everyone that they met!

Veteran Soldiers made a point of mentioning that they were overjoyed by the exuberance and delight that new Soldiers participating in this invasion put forth; gleefully informing the masses about Dr. Steel and his vision, our goal, of a Utopian Playland. New Soldiers reported having a most excellent time during the invasion and were looking forward to many more! If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the photos taken throughout the convention put it together in fine summation. That is a lot of Steelian salutes! Hail Steel!