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Anime USA Invasion – Success

0 14 years ago

A successful invasion of Anime USA was lead by Colonel James Towne of the 9001st on November 20 through the 22, 2009!

Colonel Towne successfully infiltrated the convention on the 20th to construct TSU Headquarters in Guest Alley. HQ setup and the first wave of propaganda distribution and brainwashing was bolstered by support from fellow Toy Soldiers from the 9001st and the 669.

The second day of the convention (Nov. 21st) brought backup from additional 669 and 242 members. Propaganda distrubution (e.g. manifestos, stickers, pop rocks, lollipops, cookies, bubbles, bookmarks, and mini-posters) and brainwashing was at a maximum. TSU HQ was manned in shifts throughout the day and into the night while bands of ambitious Soldiers and Scouts were sent out to roam the floors, participate in convention events, and set up perimeters of brainwashing bubbles! All free leaflet tables were laced with propaganda and regularly re-supplied while Toy Soliders chatted it up with convention goers, merchants, and more! Soliders and Scouts were pleasantly surprised by the number of plain-clothed Toy Soldier operatives that they encountered at the convention, as well as by the number of people who recognized the face of our benevolent madman.

Attending Soliders were equally lucky in their HQ location, which was at a heavily trafficked exit from the Dealer’s Room. It was also located across the dock from The Clockwork Dolls anchored airship, the Dame de Fer. This was particularly fortunate, for this band of airship adventurers were not only excellent company (and harbored an undercover Toy Solider operative), but also demonstrated poignant brainwashing skills utilizing fresh scones and hot tea! Not even Toy Soldiers could resist their hospitality, and the bottleneck created between the Dame de Fer and TSU HQ ensured that no person passed through without knowing the Word of Steel!

Toy Soldiers lingered long into the night to host convention panels and participate in the rave. By Sunday morning, attending Soldiers and Scouts found themselves with nothing more than a few manifestos remaining for distribution (and even those were put to use by the convention’s end!). It was a long, but exhilarating weekend, and it did not seem that anyone had any regrets for participating! Once again, a Utopian Playland was created and shared with the masses, Soldiers met with old friends and made new ones, and the event drew to a close with great expectations for the future!