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Dr. Steel for World Emperor – success!

0 15 years ago

Dr. Steel found himself entangled in a grand voting adventure filled with very unusual adversaries as he swept through the Mr. Twitter USA and the Mr. Twitter North America competitions; finally competing with old foe and new for WORLD DOMINATION in Ultimate World Mr. Twitter! Diligent Toy Soldiers voted vigilantly to keep the Good Doctor’s determined visage in the top ten throughout the competition! They battled global competitiors that included comedians, musicians, actors, every day folks, vampires, and even vampire body parts!

In the end, only twenty would be immortalized (uuuhhh…temporarily displayed) on the Ultimate World Mr. Twitter Wall of Fame. Toy Soldiers stood fast (and against the world) grabbed 8th place! Unfortunately, it was not long after the competition’s end that the hosting website went belly-up, destroying all competitions and walls of fame in an explosion of 1s and 0s that no longer add up to more than ‘404 – File Not Found’. Was it a conspiracy, or the type of catastrophe that resulted in Robot 1237? We may never know.

What we do know is that Toy Soldiers exposed even more people to the Word of Steel throughout these competitions, and that we look forward to any and all new recruits who may have (or will) find their way to our little Utopian Playland on the web!