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Global Invasion: Taking on Virginia, a dual success

0 15 years ago

In honor of the Second Annual Global Invasion Day on August 15th, the #9001 Central and Eastern Virgina Division conducted a two front invasion of key locations in Richmond and Virginia Beach!

Richmond area members descended upon the popular Carytown shopping district to draw the inquisitive gazes of the public with their uniforms and enthusiasm. Shoppers and store owners alike fell victim to the Toy Soldiers mind control skills, optimizing propaganda flow to a level that exhausted supplies by mid day!

Virginia Beach soldiers moved into local malls with specially prepared Global Invasion Day shirts and plenty of propaganda! Stickers and manifestos were left in various shops and restaurants. Onlookers frequently gravitated towards the soldiers to have their curiosity satiated with visions of a Utopian Playland! Following a lunch hiatus, Toy Soldiers headed to the beach with flags and manifestos…and who could resist four bathing suit clad female Toy Soldiers promoting the visions of a mad man? Absolutely none!