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Operation Hayseed – Success!

0 15 years ago

Operation Hayseed – Success

On August 22, 2009, Sky Marshal Jonny B. Goode lead the country-flavored invasion of the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds! In order to avoid raising the ire of fair officials, Toy Soldiers seasoned their demeanors with old fashioned country charm; arriving in uniform, Soldiers were quick with a kind word and a smile, sharing propaganda stickers, business cards, good humor, and plenty of pleasntries about the Good Doctor and his Army.

Soldiers perused the fairgrounds as well as attended several of the free concerts offered in order to brainwash as many of the fair patrons as possible. Several more Toy Soldiers joined the invasion force later in the day and were, unfortunately, not photo-documented. However, all were pleased at how delightfully receptive the masses were of the invasion, and a marvelous time was had by all!