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Global Invasion: Steel City II, a grand successGlobal Invasion: Steel City II, a grand success

0 15 years ago

On August 15, 2009, in honor of the Second Annual Global Invasion Day, a total of 15 Toy Soldiers hailing from the Pennsylvania Militia and the Pitchfork Brigade took the South Side of Steel City by storm!

Toy Soldiers began descending upon their first target, the Carnegie Science Center just before 1300 and were almost immediately questioned by staff and visitors alike about their unusual attire. Propaganda and explanations abounded and were readily accepted by these inquisitive folk. The curiosity of the masses was on their side by the time the brunt of the invasion force had gathered and headed into the depths of the museum at 1430. Curious looks and questions greeted the soldiers at every turn, but smiling faces and real desire for fun and entertainment made propaganda distribution to these fun-starved patrons a snap!

Toy Soldiers spent a little extra time exploring the roboworld exhibit in order to research the most effective robot design and construction schematics…and take advantage of fun photo ops! It was not just the robots who were subjected to study and photos, though! Many of the museums attractions were useful in research of various brainwashing techniques, and creatures such as rock lobsters, gobies, and even a local rabbit were included in brainwashing experiments.

Around 1800, Toy Soldiers headed for the The Beehive to regroup, retool propaganda supplies, and head into the streets! Toy Soldiers repeatedly marched the length of the restaurant, bar, and nightclub district of East Carson Street with sign in hand, cheers on lips, propaganda flow nominal, and public reception optimal!

Toy Soldiers were pleasantly surprised to see their invasion force grow over the course of the evening, especially once marching ceased outside of The Beehive later that evening. By the end of the night, the ever-growing group had taken up “affirmative cheering of everything,” which served to attract even more people to see what all of the commotion was about! Volunteers from the masses held the sign and helped distribute propaganda throughout the evening.

By the end of the night, invaders both seasoned and green had sore feet and sore throats and decidedly little propaganda left, but they also had new friends, new stories, and the gleam of a utopian playland in their eyes.