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Dragon*Con 2009 Invasion – a success!

0 15 years ago

On September 5, 2009, Toy Soldiers kicked off their invasion of Dragon*Con by participating in the Dragon*Con Parade in downtown Atlanta, Georgia! Toy Soldiers shined their boots, pressed their uniforms, and put on their best brainwashing smiles as they took to the street to march for Dr. Steel! Check them out in these videos!

Dragon*Con Parade 1
Dragon*Con Parade 2

Following the parade, Toy Soldiers gathered at the Carnegie Monument for photo ops and propaganda distribution! Toy Soldier Drumming Raccoon lived up to his namesake and drummed up quite a crowd for the invasion force! Playing into his rhythm, Toy Soldiers leant their voices and their enthusiasm to the masses and succeeded in converting numerous convention-goers on the spot, with hopefully many more to come!