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Dark Mills March of Steel – Success!

0 15 years ago

On September 5th, enthusiastic Toy Soldiers Col. Necro Nancy and Monte Furious-Barkass took on the invasion of London’s premier alternative festival, The Dark Mills Festival! The skills and charisma of these well trained soldiers more than compensated for the diminuative size of the invasion force as they waded through the hungry masses, armed to the teeth with propaganda and the Word of Steel!

Manifestos flowed through the crowds in waves as Dr. Steel looked down from large placards held overhead. Many event participants were victims of their own curiosity and willingly subjected themselves to brainwashing, which included dissertations about the dangers of the Alien Illuminati, how to build a Utopian Playland, and the Good Doctor, himself.

Interest from the unenlightened ran high throughout the event and Toy Soldiers were very pleased with their reception. By evening’s end, satisfaction for a job well done was off of the charts and the two brave Soldiers were assured that UK divisions would be experiencing an influx of new members to our ranks.